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Word Tally
This is my word tally post to keep track of my progress in writing my hopefully first book, Crimson Wings.
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I Published my Short Story, "Legends of Peace"!
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I just published a short story through Smashwords! It’s a little ebook with cover art by my wonderful friend, Kit! She did an amazing job too!

So please go check out my little book. It’s short and pretty inexpensive if you decide you want to buy it after reading the sample, only $2.99. It needs some reviews too!

Also I made coupons for people to read it for free until this Saturday. All I ask is that you spread the word if you like it. So send me an ask if you want to read it for free!

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Hey all!

So... the past month/month and a half have been...insane. My mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, and we were worried my father might have had breast cancer too. He came up clean, but my mother has had a slew of doctor visits to figure out what was going to happen. She's now had surgery and come through that just fine with only one night's stay in the hospital. She'll be visiting the doctor again next week to determine just what needs doing in future to keep her on the road to recovery and remission.

So other than this and all that comes with it, I've also had my hard drive fail on me. Brilliant, yes? Even more brilliantly, the recovery disc for my hard drive was on the hard drive itself!!! Just a bit FAIL there, Toshiba. Just a bit. I had to have them send me a new recovery disc...for $24.95 s/h. The CD itself is free. Just paying an exorbitant fee to have it sent to me. To top that off, I also broke my little finger. On the same day. Gotta love it, ne?

Basically, I've been having a bad month and a half and so...fics are going to come even more slowly for a bit. Because I have to rescue them from my back up on my external, which I need my normal computer for, which I in turn need the recovery disc to use. Least the new hard drive was simple enough.

Anyway... More fic coming soon!! I hope... Ja!

A Letter to Shame
Today (or yesterday now... XD) I was reading Dear Abby, which I sometimes do. Sometimes I like her advice, sometimes I think it's awful. Today, I was horrified.

Here's Dear Abby's site. The article you want is "Teen Feels Pressured to Party" from July 20, 2011.

Basically, a young girl, Feeling Pressured, is being pressured to do things she doesn't want to by her so-called friend, Brianna. She doesn't want to do these things and feels very isolated. She's also afraid that Brianna will make everyone hate her if she doesn't. She asks Abby what she should do.

Abby responds by saying she's intelligent, not everyone does want to do these things, and that she shouldn't do things just because Brianna does. There's no real encouragement though, or advice for how to handle this. Instead, Abby continues on in a BLATANT promotion of a booklet she's written, "What Every Teen Needs to Know".

Excuse me? What? A young girl comes to you for help and you ADVERTISE your own crap instead of helping her?! Abby, you need a reality check and a good dose of humility. A tiny two sentence blurb at the end would have been fine, but this was just disgusting!

So here's the reply I sent to her:

Dear Abby,

I read your column today, "Teen Feels Pressured to Party," and I am truly horrified. This young girl is showing not only intelligence, as you say, but a lot of courage just in admitting to her problem by writing you. She was also showing a world of respect and trust in you to help her. However, the only helpful thing you really said was that she was not alone in her feelings.

Yes, Brianna is more of a bully than a friend, as you say, but it's still going to hurt this poor girl to lose her as a friend. And if this Brianna turn on "Feeling Pressured", she's going to feel a lot more hurt than that. She's going to go to a very bad place, and she needs more encouragement than a simple "just because she does it, doesn't mean you should." She needs someone to tell her that this worst might not happen. She can find new friends and survive even if it does. She does not need to have her mentor's advice to devolve into an advertisement for her own booklet.

I can empathise with this girl. My final year of high school I was ostracised by my entire school for one former friend's lies. I'd been going to the same small private school with the same classmates since the 5th grade at that point. So I speak from experience when I say, "Feeling Pressured" needs more, and deserves better, than this display of utter selfishness. You might actually have done more harm than good here.

I believe you owe "Feeling Pressured" an apology. A very heartfelt and big one with exactly WHY you owe it to her. And I believe you owe your readers one as well for this egregious breach of trust.


Just to reiterate: Shame on you, Abby. You should have known far better than this.

News about my Journal
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Hey all!

Just a little warning and apology. I've been getting a crap load of spam on my journal, and mostly to a single entry from 2007! So I have finally made the tough decision. That entry has gone to Friends Only mode and any new comments on my journal that are from non-friends will have to go through captcha. I REALLY hate to do this, but I do not have the time to go through deleting spam all the time.

Of course, I'm always open to making a new friend!! Just friend me and as long as I can see your journal is legit (ie, it's doing something besides sitting there empty and forlorn), I'll prolly even friend you back. Or you can comment here and I'll friend you.

However, I'm starting the process of uploading all my fanfic to a dreamwidth account especially for fanfic. This will include old HP and KKM stuff, as well as my FMA, Batman/Superman, Sherlock, and miscellaneous other. So head on over to or to my account if it's fanfic you want. And be warned: I'm notoriously slow and flighty in which work and fandom I update. Sorry!! XD Only the HP and IY stuff is abandoned, though. Everything else will see eventual updates.

Fic: The Cat's Meow
M51, Missy
Title: The Cat's Meow
Author: angelzash
Pairing: Sherlock/John, Mary the cat
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Rating: PG-13 (Prolly more PG actually)
Word count: ~2,040
Notes: Um... My first ever Sherlock or Sherlock Holmes fic. Done lots of other fandoms, but never Sherlock. Hope I've done the guys justice. ^_^ I've also never written from the POV of someone who didn't like cats before! So that was mildly challenging, but John was remarkably easy to work with anyway.

Anyway, I wrote this to cheer up my friend, silversliver. Hope everyone likes it!! Constructive criticism is always welcome, and especially this time! I gave it an edit, but I wrote this and edited it while sick, so that plus being an imperfect human... Yeah, I DEFINITELY could have missed things. Let me know if I did, please? Thank you!

EDIT 05-06-2011: Ok, I have no idea what happened, but we now have the full story again. LJ musta done something WEIRD...


Summary: “How will a kitten help your investigation? And how, with all your deductive brilliance, did you miss the fact that I hate cats?!”Collapse )

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Just so people know, I've been mostly locking my posts here for friends only. Why? Cause I don't want the world to know EVERYTHING I do. XDD Also, I'm far more active in groups, as I usually post my fanfiction in a community and not usually here. I'm thinking of changing that though. I'm also thinking of making this journal friends only period, save for the occasional post like this one. I've been getting a lotta spammers lately! But that would be a LOT of work!

Can you believe this journal is going on 10 years old next year? silversliver invited me in Summer 2002! Le WOW! And my interests have changed significantly. Doing a Superman/Batman fic at them moment as well as two FMA Roy/Ed fics. XDD Hopefully will have an update for all of them, though my original writing takes priority. That includes a story, proposal, and application for a PhD; editing and revising my book; trying to write a story for on the web (more details later as I figure it out, write it, and set it up); and editing/writing short stories that come to me, with a few poems on the sly (still not a poet *sighs* XD).

If anyone wants a link to my fanwork or whatever else, just drop me a line! I'd be happy to give ya links! ^_^

Writer's Block: Almost like a song
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How would you describe your ideal romantic partner in six words?

Trustworthy, kind, loving, gentleman, intelligent, outgoing.

Basically, my match, he treats me well, and shores up my short-fallings. He will also never hurt on purpose, try to control me, or knowingly betray me.

Writer's Block: Family matters
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How many brothers and sisters would you choose to have, and why?

At least one of either, though I'd definitely take one of each.  I hate being an only child... XD


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