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Hey all!

So... the past month/month and a half have been...insane. My mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, and we were worried my father might have had breast cancer too. He came up clean, but my mother has had a slew of doctor visits to figure out what was going to happen. She's now had surgery and come through that just fine with only one night's stay in the hospital. She'll be visiting the doctor again next week to determine just what needs doing in future to keep her on the road to recovery and remission.

So other than this and all that comes with it, I've also had my hard drive fail on me. Brilliant, yes? Even more brilliantly, the recovery disc for my hard drive was on the hard drive itself!!! Just a bit FAIL there, Toshiba. Just a bit. I had to have them send me a new recovery disc...for $24.95 s/h. The CD itself is free. Just paying an exorbitant fee to have it sent to me. To top that off, I also broke my little finger. On the same day. Gotta love it, ne?

Basically, I've been having a bad month and a half and so...fics are going to come even more slowly for a bit. Because I have to rescue them from my back up on my external, which I need my normal computer for, which I in turn need the recovery disc to use. Least the new hard drive was simple enough.

Anyway... More fic coming soon!! I hope... Ja!

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Hi! A friend of mine was recently asking about your FMA fic "The Letter" and I was curious how much, if any, progress has been made on completing it. It's been almost a year since I last saw a post for the fic and I was wondering if you were still working on it or if you'd dropped fanfiction in favor of your book. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

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